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Bug Fixes
Jackpot is not locking the machine / panel in a WAM environment (DRF ID 432015427 | 432294747 | 431776334)
Remote Reporting - When regional settings are dd/MM/yyyy - activating a remote report use, changing a password or creating a new password throws an error. (DRF ID 328601580 | 316308226)
Daily Movement Award Not in a full Screen when Generating the Reports (DRF ID 353676463 | 479492364)
Jackpots report section shows duplicate reports for Mystery Jackpots by Machine (DRF ID 259637111)
When exporting any report, the File Name used to auto-populate into the field box and open the file - no longer happening (DRF ID 337768403)
Machine Revenue by Period - Slots Shorts total incorrect (DRF ID 324485703)
Unable to retire a table in TMS, even with authentication (DRF ID 473464351)
Clicking ‘Print Report’ in Forex update form produces an error - “more parameters without a default value than we're provided (DRF ID 337761675)
GFS reports incorrect license expiry (30+ days v actual) (DRF ID 485301737)
Unable to refund a deposit if there's a 0 card balance (DRF ID 489006066)
Cash Desk doesn't close Match Play transaction after card pull when using push pull reader at CD (DRF ID 472346763)
When Floor Service License is for the same as the number of machines online, an error appears (DRF ID 426310004)
Runtime error if there are no Remote Report users defined (DRF ID 486918362)
Runtime error occurs when creating cassette on kiosk manager (DRF ID 485290033 | 469270111)
Card Manager Filter report - error: "RR: Error during report preparation..." - report is not generated (DRF ID 239289184)
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In this course, we will go through the items contained in the Release 31.22 version of the ACE System.

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Marie Fowler
Marie Fowler
Systems Analyst